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Profit Is the New Black: Tips to Seal Money Leaks and Break Income Barriers

Strategist Shontaye Hawkins shares steps to ensure success

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As a small child, Hawkins recalls sitting in her dad’s office playing on a 10 key machine, pretending to answer the phone and take messages. Today, as a thriving business coach, speaker, trainer, and founder of Profit Is The New Black™, she handles real deal scenarios with hundreds of entrepreneurs who have hit the “profit ceiling.” She helps clients to silence the stress, confusion, and adversity that deter sustainable growth and accelerated profits.

We asked Hawkins to share expertise and strategies on how business owners (full time and side hustlers) can eliminate money leaks and income barriers to grow their business’ bottom line.

Money leaks are activities that cost your business in the form of lost revenue or paying more expenses than necessary. Building a profitable business isn’t one sided. You need to manage both generated income and paid out expenses. You can generate loads of revenue and still be in the red. For example, if you’re spending money faster than it’s coming in the door. Income barriers are operational inefficiencies that limit a business’ ability to grow, expand, and maximize its bottom line.