Note to Black Businesses: The Dire Need to Work Collectively Versus Competitively

My fellow Black business owners:
I commend you on the hard work and perseverance it takes to start and more importantly sustain a business. The rate at which Black businesses are started is phenomenal, especially considering the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the US are Black female entrepreneurs. There's something to be said about the resilience of Black business owners to find a way or make a way, regardless of economic conditions. It is in this vein that we must address the longevity of Black-owned businesses. Far too many Black-owned businesses are dying on the vine. In essence it is isolation that hinders the growth of Black-owned businesses. The current socioeconomic and economic status of Black Americans, shows us the dire need to collaborate with existing Black-owned businesses to increase economic growth in our community. 
In honor of Ujamaa- day 4 of Kwanzaa, the US Black Chambers, Inc. encourages Black business owners to find ways to work together, collaborate on initiatives, cross-promote products, partner on business ventures, etc. 
We firmly believe the survival of Black-owned businesses is heavily dependent on working together and sharing resources. We've created a resource to help consumers and business owners find Black-owned businesses.
Our current initiative to promote cooperative economics is the development of the USBC's Mobile App and Online Black Business Directory. Join us in reigniting the power of cooperative economics. Forward this email to your business networks and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter
In the spirit of success,
Ron Busby, Sr.
U.S. Black Chambers, Inc.